Outspoken Author Michael Savage Blasts Elaine Chao Nomination As “Nepotism”

San Francisco, CAOutspoken radio host and iconoclast Michael Savage blasted President-Elect Trump’s decision to nominate Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao to the position of Transportation Secretary, saying it reeked of “nepotism” and fearing that the Republican National Committee was gaining far too much influence over the Trump administration’s selections.

“How does this not look like nepotism?”, Savage thundered, saying that his calls and emails to the new Trump administration were going unreturned, a possible indication that elites within the Republican establishment had launched a coup.

The fearless author and herbalist also questioned the motives of Reince “Rinso” Priebus, a Republican loyalist rewarded with the powerful position of Chief of Staff within President-Elect Trump’s administration. Priebus was an entrenched member of the old Republican guard, and as such was placing his former cronies in powerful positions, Savage said.

Others, such as Sundance, writing for The Conservative Treehouse, said Trump was playing “four-dimensional chess”, and that his selection was intended to overcome opposition to his forthcoming transportation infrastructure plan by making McConnell’s wife a direct beneficiary of said infrastructure plan, thus making McConnell’s opposition extremely difficult.

Savage, an outspoken author who received his PhD from the University of California Berkeley, raised questions about the people who had begun to surround Trump during the transition process, wondering if the RNC had struck a deal with the President-Elect, ensuring the placement of their people into key positions of power.

“They made a deal,” Savage postulated. “Trump needed their co-operation during the election and they struck a deal.”

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Steve Bannon Is A Moderate, Middle Of The Road, Average American Citizen

Steve Bannon is a perfectly rational, moderate, middle-of-the-road individual. His positions on the major issues facing America are in lockstep with the vast majority of Americans. Only extremist Democrats and despicable smear merchants such as CNN, desperate to delegitimize the voice of America, will cast hysterical labels around such as “bombthrower”, “white supremacist”, and “anti-Semite” in a strategic effort to marginalize him. It will not work, of course.

The Brainwashing Agents of the Cultural Dictatorship will ALWAYS label whoever their opposition is as “bigoted” – it is a strategic decision by them, designed to smear their opponent’s motives, and simultaneously conceal their own bigotry against whites, Christians, and males. It doesn’t matter if it was George Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Chris Christie – the playbook never changes. The racist Democrats will always accuse their opponents of racism, and in this light, their attacks on Steve Bannon are quite predictable. Repeat a lie often enough and many will believe it. If you monitor the Mouthpieces of the Cultural Dictatorship, they are incessantly smearing cultural Patriots, over and over again, attempting to attach the stink of Bigotry to them. The one-trick ponies of CNN, ABC, NBC, & MSNBC have one trick, and they perform it with mindless repetition.

The Agents of the Cultural Dictatorship will always sing the same tune. Accusations of Bigotry is Rule 101 in the Handbook of Enforcement of the Dictatorship.

However, true cultural Patriot Donald Trump knows the score, understands their strategy, and completely disregards them as the impotent harridans, screeching into the night, that they are. Having lost the official levers of government power in an extraordinary political massacre, the Cultural Dictators are left with their frothing Drones in the streets, and their Mouthpieces, blaring into the night. One gets the notion the depths of their hysterics has only just begun. And what a tragic debasement it shall be.

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There Are Only Two Reasons That Morons Are Rioting In The Streets

There are only two reasons that morons are rioting in the streets:

a) They’re paid.

b) They have been whipped up into a delusional frenzy by the main Brainwashers of the Cultural Dictatorship: CNN, NBC, ABC, & MSNBC, to name a few.

It’s really that simple.

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The Swedish Government Is Racist & Hates White People

The verdict is in. White native citizens are second-class citizens within Sweden. The Swedish government hates them and discriminates against them at every turn. Laws in Sweden only apply to whites. If you are non-white, you may break the law at every turn. If you participate in a horrific gang-rape of a native Swedish citizen, you will receive a 4 year sentence or less, assuming you are even prosecuted.

The Swedish government allows non-whites to rape, rob, and assault white native Swedish citizens with impunity, then instructs its media organs to blackout the story and instructs its law enforcement to let the crimes go unpunished.

It is time for the native Swedish people to recognize, understand, and internalize the fact that their government hates them simply because of the color of their skin. The fact that their tormentors are white is meaningless; they are self-hating racists.

The Swedish leftist government are traitors to their citizenry and are betraying their oath of office. They essentially act as foreign agents.

If the Swedish people will not remove their government, they should leave the country or will eventually be assaulted, robbed, murdered, or raped by the Tier 1 citizens, the Muslim Africans from Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, & other non-white countries. Sweden is no more.

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Feminism, the rise of ultra-defensiveness, paranoia, and the war on the female mind

In the song “You Don’t Own Me”, the singer croons about the “oppression” she supposedly lives under. Nobody quite knows who she is singing about, but it supposedly is about a significant other who is allegedly attempting to “own” and “change” her.

For the millions of women who dutifully sing along and internalize the message, they are encouraged to develop a robust sense of hyper-defensiveness, a hair-trigger reflex to anything that could be construed in any way as an attempt to “control” or “change” them. The “other” in the song must not tell her she cannot see other men, cannot ask her to change any aspect of her personality, cannot criticize her for basically anything. It appears to be a feminist sleight-of-hand all too common to the ideology; say one thing while meaning another. Provide your adherents with a solidified, internalized phraseology intended to mean something quite opposite.

What they actually intend to instill in the minds of young, impressionable women everywhere is a sense of gender warfare, of mistrust at best, and hatred at worst, of the male mind. Songs such as “You Don’t Own Me” are open declarations of war against all males; they are salvo after salvo in the war declared by feminism decades ago. Their goal, tearing apart the bonds of social cohesion that existed between the sexes, has been remarkably successful. Women who fall prey to feminism’s wiles develop, nurture, and cultivate a sense of resentment and bitterness against men, which poisons every relationship they engage in. They lose the ability to lose themselves completely in love, forever retaining a suspicious grudge, forever losing the ability to truly know and trust their husband.

What feminism accomplished was poisoning the minds of all women against men. It is forever conjuring up the boogeyman of the scary, terrifying male “patriarchy”, out to oppress, deny, and destroy. The loyal, brainwashed soldiers of the feminist matriarchy have one tune, and they play it quite well: they are unendingly attempting to convince women of a threat that doesn’t exist one bit.

The truth is that relationships are built upon mutual trust and consideration. They are feedback loops, built on mutual love, that intensify in quality and strength the more husband and wife give of themselves to each other. The more that each leans in to love in correspondingly equal increments, the higher they can reach in trustful bliss.

Many people become quite perplexed once they understand that feminists are attempting to incite hatred against men in the hearts of women, and they ask why this is the case. The truth is that feminists are merely soldiers in a much greater army of social Marxists.

The social Marxists have one obsession, and they pursue it with religious fervor; to destroy the capitalist system and replace it with equal misery for everyone. At the beginning of this quest, they correctly identified the nuclear family unit as a building block of the capitalist system. A stable family unit of husband, wife, and children fostered happiness, mutually satisfactory gender roles, and functioned optimally.

The ugly truth about Marxism is that nobody actually wants it. Therefore, in order to convince people to support it, they must first make their lives a living hell and convince them that a Marxist Misery system is the only thing that will eliminate their unhappiness. In reality, it merely solidifies Hell as their reality, but I digress.

It is within this operating mindset that feminists are created and dispatched. In the greater goal to make everyone’s lives a living Hell and divide everyone against everyone, the agitators and propagandists are dispatched: the gay rights activists to inflame gays, the civil rights activists to inflame blacks, and the feminists to inflame women. For without intense misery, unhappiness, and dysfunction, no change can occur. And so it is that feminists are dispatched to divide women and men, sow discord and hatred, and generally poison women’s minds completely against men.

Their words are the weapons, the arts are their battlefield, and the culture is where they make their stand. Songs, art, movies, and essays are their missiles. Here is where they sow the seeds of division and hatred. And so next time you see a mindless young drone blissfully singing along to “You Don’t Own Me”, take a second to inform them of the poison they are so eagerly ingesting.

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Hillary Clinton Loses Consciousness, Aides Carry Her Lifeless Body Into Van

Watch this video. Then watch it again. What you are witnessing is a completely unconscious woman, being held up and dragged into a van by her handlers.

From the beginning of the video all the way until the end, this woman is being held up. They have her propped up against the pole at the beginning, with one of her handlers holding her left arm extremely tightly. The reason Complex propagandists are saying she “stumbled” is because they are literally dragging her unconscious body to the van and the “stumbles” are where her lifeless legs just drag along the pavement.

A “stumble” would indicate a conscious human walking to the vehicle and experiencing a brief misstep. At no point is Hillary lucid, conscious, or present mentally at all. The Democrat-Media-Complex is desperately attempting to convince the public that she was conscious, when that was quite clearly not the case, hence why every one of their propaganda outlets will use the intentionally dishonest term “stumbling”. The correct headline should be, “Hillary Loses Consciousness, Has To Be Carried Into Van By Her Aides”.

Something is seriously wrong with this woman. She is probably dying and the fact that she is surrounded by a cadre of handlers means they would be the ones ruling the country were she to actually make it to the Oval Office. She must be immediately disqualified by the journalism institutions, and Donald Trump should call for her immediate resignation from the presidential election.

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The Democrat-Media-Complex Is Conducting A Jihad Against Matt Lauer

If there’s anything that future moderators, journalists, and reporters are learning from the crucifixion of Matt Lauer currently ongoing, it is that it pays to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

By allowing a military veteran to express his concern to the presidential candidate on the blatant double standard by which their conduct would be measured, Matt Lauer has put himself firmly in the crosshairs of the Democrats and become the example they were looking to set. A shot has been fired across the bow now. Do as we say, the message reads loud and clear, or you will get Matt Lauered. We will destroy your reputation, besmirch your name, destroy everything that you are in our media organs and through our puppet voices, if you dare to actually hold our candidate’s feet to the fire.

Hillary is not content to destroy a reporter, however. She never is. In a stunning display of sociopathic projection, she has claimed that she is the victim. As usual, she hides behind her gender. It is tired and boring and so glaringly fake and hollow, like everything else she does, that many wonder how in the world she is receiving a single vote, not to mention even coming close to her counterpart.

In the media firmament we currently exist in, there is no separation between the activities of the Democrat Party and the “journalists”. They are one and the same, with the faux-reporters receiving their marching orders and strategy from their Democrat party bosses. Gary Johnson had to be destroyed, and so he was. Hillary must be given preferential, fawning treatment, and so any who ask her tough questions will be lambasted, excoriated, and psychologically attacked because that is what the Democrat Party wants, and by extension, their queen, Hillary.

But there is a larger game afoot. The US military is smaller than it has been in decades. It’s Army, Navy, Marines, jets, missiles, etc.. all at lower levels than during actual world wars. Russian and Chinese military ascendancy is on the rise. Their puppet Obama transferring power in multiple arenas, including the Internet, with ICANN scheduled to be handed over to the ITA, an agency wholly controlled by China & Russia. And when it is, what will happen? Well, what happens in China currently with regards to the Internet? Hardcore censorship, deletion, and suppression of anything that conflicts with Communist doxy. A promising future, indeed.

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Hillary Clinton Loves “Breaking Down Barriers”… Unless They’re Her Own

We don’t build walls! We build bridges! We break down barriers!

Unless they’re built to protect us, in which case we’re totally for them:

“Security at the Sports Complex during the Democratic National Convention next month will include “no-scale fencing” to enclose the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live!, the Secret Service special agent in charge said in an interview Thursday.”

Will Hillary be breaking down these barriers? Will she be building bridges? Or is that all just a bunch of bullshit and she wants to protect herself like the average American citizen?

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Hack David Letterman Fades Further Into Irrelevancy With Feeble Potshot At Trump

When Tom Brokaw asked Letterman in a new interview if he has any feelings of missing out, the retired “Late Show” host didn’t seem to feel Trump’s run was all that comical.

He then added, “There’s nothing illegal going on. It’s just he’s despicable.

Letterman was able to find the silver lining (and inject a little humor) in the subject of Trump’s run.

“And in this very school,” the retired host said while he and Brokaw spoke in front of a school, “and everybody’s school, you hear, ‘The great thing about America is anybody can grow up to be president.’ Oh, jeez.

– Business Insider

What is it with these guys? Letterman? Jon Stewart? They leave their shows, drop off the face of the planet, grow beards like some wannabe-guru and think anybody cares anymore? Listen, both Stewart and Letterman were exactly the same guy: a sneering puppet who regurgitated lines that teams of liberal writers created. That’s not to say they didn’t have natural funny qualities. But they were hacks. Just straight hacks. Weapons of the left who spouted profanities at Republicans/conservatives and hid behind the shield of “comedy”. In return for their prostitution, they were glorified and deified by the libs’ many mouthpieces. It’s not rocket science.

And now Beardman here comes crawling out of the forest and thinks anybody cares. Listen, Dave – it’s over. You’re done. Go snack on some M&M’s cause your 15 minutes of fame are over.

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Every Single Instance Of Trump-Related Violence Has Been Initiated By The Progressive Liberal Left

In every single case of Trump-related violence, the aggressor and initiator of said violence has been a progressive liberal.

The law abiding citizenry who travel to Trump rallies to exercise their constitutional rights simply show up, listen to their candidate, and cheer him on.

The progressive liberal jackals descend upon them, spitting, cursing, and snarling at them, in an intentional effort to antagonize them into overreacting. And when one or two out of tens of thousands do, the progressives’ cameras are ready and eager to capture and distort the moment.

But apparently the admirable restraint shown by the citizenry has been too good, as the progressive animals are now escalating their tactics, as we witnessed a couple days ago.

Now they are lying in wait for the peaceful citizenry to emerge from their candidate’s rally, and then pouncing upon them, assaulting elderly, abusing women, sucker-punching Latinos, and sexually harrassing young female Trump attendees, all so that their progressive liberal brethren in the media can breathlessly report on the “clashes” that are taking place.

These are no “clashes”.

These are premeditated assaults, committed every single time by progressive liberals, actively seeking out and hunting down their political opponents.

We are witnessing the alarming rise of a militant far left extremism in this nation, and we must demand that our leaders denounce and condemn it in no uncertain terms. Otherwise there is no telling what this violence can unleash.

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